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  Fest Calendar - Lima - Perú


·         1st WEEK – HUANUCO

Since the Christmas holidays and New Year's Evening, the "Negritos" gangs of each neighborhood celebrate a farewell party with great display of dances. Some dancers wear black masks making fun of old Spanish gentlemen.


·         18 – LIMA ANIVERSARY

The week of the Lima foundation. Official acts commemorating the foundation. Cultural exhibition, popular fair and tour to "Colonial Lima". The Main Square declared as "Main Square of the Iberoamerican Culture". Tourist circuits around downtown in colonial trolleys.


·         3rd  – TRUJILLO -  HUANCHACO BEACH

Surfing International Tournament at Huanchaco Beach.


·         1st WEEK – LIMA – LUNAHUANA

International celebration of Adventure - Lunahuana. Punta Rocas Beach. Surfing Association at an International Four Stars Category.


·         2nd  and 3rd  WEEK – PUNO

Candelaria Virgin Festivity. Puno celebrates its patroness "Mamita Candicha" with the most extraordinary demonstration of its rich folklore. Tens of group come from all its provinces, music bands with shining instruments and especially the extremely rich dancers' clothes, give to this feast a remark of color, incomparable majesty and splendor. The feast ends with the traditional "Cachasparis".


·         CAJAMARCA

Cajamarca Carnival. All the town participate in the event. The famous "unshas" are raised (trees decorated with gifts and fruits). and while dancing the tree is cut. This is known as the capital of Peruvian Carnival. The "Pachamanca", typical food , is served.


·         UCAYALI

Pucallpa carnival. Also the tourist can visit the Yarinacocha tropical lagoon.


·         4th  WEEK – ICA

Black Summer Festival in Chincha, where the people enjoy typical dances; such as: the lando, alcatraz, festejo, etc. There are famous and well known places to visit as the "San Jose" farm house.




·         LIMA – 1st WEEK – LUNAHUANA

Lunahuana. Vintage Festival, competition of adventure sports (rafting). Shrimps can be tasted in a large variety of typical foods.


·         PUNO 8

San Juan de Dios Tourist circuits: The Titicaca Lake, the Chullpas at 124 kms. and the Putina hot-spring waters, among other places.


·         CAJAMARCA

Palm Sunday in Porcon. The "Baños del Inca" can be visited as well as the hot-spring waters and "Ventanillas" en Otusco.





·         CUSCO – 2nd  WEEK

Holy Week. On Moundy Thursday there is the famous "Señor de los Temblores" procession, Patron of Cusco, and on Good Friday there is the sensational procession of the Holy Sepulchral. During the seven festivity days one can taste a large variety of typical foods.

·         ICA – 1st WEEK
Day of the "Pisco": the Peruvian brandy. In Ica the tourist can visit the Tacama, Ocucaje, Vista Alegre, El Carmelo and other wine cellars.
·         AREQUIPA – 3rd WEEK
Touristic and Adventure week at Cotahuasi Canyon, the Sipia fall, Uscure Allancay and hot-spring waters.
·         CUSCO -  INTI RAYMI
Cusco Jubilee Feast. Cultural, artistic and recreative activities are carried out in homage to the Imperial city. The medicinal hot-spring waters of Aguas Calientes are in the outskirts of the location, near Machu Picchu, as well as the Conac hot-spring waters (109 kms far).
Cusco celebrates the Inti Raymi with occasion of the winter solstice –the solar new year - for a town which main cult object was the god Inti (the sun). In time of the Incas was a religious ceremony, now it is a theater representation. However this expression generates a feeling of identity in the town that evokes values and memories that are still excellent in our days, it also brings to the memory a time that lives in the heart of the town of Cusco (Qosqo). The version is expressed in the original, Quechua language. The celebration starts on the Temple of the Sun (Koricancha) then continues to the Sacsayhuaman, we will provide you the transportation and entrance. Afternoon transfer to the Hotel and overnight.
Corpus Christi. Is one of the most beautiful religious folk demonstrations. It must set off the "Entrada de los Santos" (Saint's Entrance) and the Consecrated Host procession. Folk bands and dancers display.
·         LORETO 21 TO 27
Iquitos Tourist week. FICA Song Festival. Torch and allegoric cars' parade. Handicraft exhibition, Folk Festival. Queen's election, exotic food. International Amazonia's Song Festival with the participation of foreign singers.

Dances and typical food. Groups of families organize picnics and dance at the shores of rivers and lagoons.
  •  LA LIBERTAD – last week (moveable)

Sea Festival. In Huanchaco and Malabrigo there are surfing competences that gather famous international sports men and women to pay homage to the ancient Mochicas Chimu, who used to practice this sport in their embarkations known as "Caballitos de Totora"


·          12 MADRE DE DIOS

Regional Agricultural and Handicraft Madre de Dios' Fair in Puerto Maldonado. Regions products, Jungle handicraft, diverse entertainments, sightseeing tour by boat from Puerto Maldonado. This is an opportunity to visit the "Collpa  de Guacamayos" (macaws) worldwide known as the largest in the Amazon region. There are also parrots and parakeets.

·         25 TO 31 PASCO

Pozuzo's Tourist Week, Villa Rica. The pioneer farmer tenant's arrival is celebrated (on July 25, 1859). Folk and Tyrolese dances Festival. Blade fighting cock Championship, Ribbon Races.


·         27 TO 30 CUSCO – YAWAR FEAST

This feast is celebrated by trapping the condor, then with bullfights with the condor at the back and later the condor is released and the dancers celebrate in the streets.


·         5  TO 12 – CAJAMARCA

Cajamarca's Tourist Week. Activities of tourist interest. Election and crowning of Miss Tourism. Latin American music, folklore and Peruvian Movie Festival, Pre-Columbian ceramic exhibitions.



Arequipa's Anniversary. The people of Arequipa joyfully celebrates its Spanish establishment anniversary. Artistic embassies of various Latin American countries, just as many of Peru's town go to "White City" in order to pay homage with its magnificent spectacle called "Festidanza" (Dance Festival), a really international Folk Feast that enhances the celebrations. Other attractions: Typical bullfights, handicraft fairs; allegoric cars and civic-military parade. The festivities last all the month.


·         15 TO 31 SAN MARTIN

Tarapoto Jubilee and Tourist Week, Lamas. With great enthusiasm Tarapoto celebrates its jubilee feast with social, sports and folk activities. It is a good opportunity for visiting this beautiful city and enjoy its hospitality, commodities and taste the typical food and drinks.


·         24 TO 31 AYACUCHO

Ayacucho Tourist Week. Tourist activities: guided visits by the city, archeologic zone Wari-Quinua (Handicraftsmen town). Folk expressions, social and sports events. The craftsmanship of Ayacucho is worldwide known: silver filigree, retable, engraved mates, huamanga-stone figures, etc.


·         25 CUSCO

Warichacuy. Evocation and giant staging of the "Wara" Incan imposing ritual, male garment that symbols the transit of puberty to the adult age. Five thousand young people, showing multicolored Incan clothes represent several ability trials and physical skills. Sensational scenery at the Sacsayhuaman esplanade.


·         25 TO 30 PASCO

Oxapampa Tourist Week. Saint Rosa de Lima celebration, Oxapampa Patroness. Popular fairs and dances. Ribbon tourney. Tyrolese dances. Blade fighting Cock Competition. Kermesses, typical food.


·         29 CAJAMARCA

Rescue Room. The Inca Atahualpa after captured contributes with a huge rescue (two rooms full of silver and one room full of gold); notwithstanding this, he is executed finishing the Inca Empire (Tahuantinsuyo 1533).


·         LAST WEEK – LIMA

Cañete Tourist Week. Black Art Festival. Cañete organizes the "Ritmo and Festejo" conquest, with the election of queens and a great Negro folklore show, that coincides with the tourist week celebration.


·         8 TO 14 – JUNIN

Festivity of the Virgin of Cocharcas. They worship the Virgin of Cocharcas Patroness of all Mantaro Valley, at 9 Kms from Huancayo in the district of Sapallanga. This worship offers the visitors an impressive variation of folklore shows, such as group of dancers richly dressed, popular fairs, bullfights, etc.



·         2nd WEEK – ICA

Pisco's Feast. Commemorating General San Martin's landing at Paracas Bay, the province of Pisco celebrates the Liberating Expedition arrival. Handicraft fairs, popular fairs, and parades are carried out.


·         14  LAMBAYEQUE

The Captive Lord of Monsefu. Most important day of a big celebration (August 31 to September 30); it's the worship to a chained Christ so He doesn't leave them (He came inside a coffin floating to their beaches due to a shipwreck).


·         4th WEEK – LA LIBERTAD

International Spring Festival. Trujillo becomes the capital of joy, music and songs. With the participation of beauty queens from America and Europe. Spectacular Queens' parade precede by beautiful entertainers from North America. Varied program includes folk show, dance contest, regional contest of Peruvian Stepping Horses, "caballitos de Totora" (small embarkations made with straw) contest at the beach, song festival, bullfights, etc.




Lunahuana, The Medlar Festival. Adventure sports competitions, rafting, kayak, mounting cycling, para-gliding, popular marathon, rock concerts and typical food.


·         18 TO 28 – LIMA

"Señor de los Milagros" Festivity. The devotion to the "Señor de los Milagros" is deeply rooted in the native spirit. The original image was painted on a wall by a black slave in 1650. Since 1746 a painted canvas goes out in procession followed by a multitudinous crowd of devotees in purple habits. At present, the wooden portable platform completely covered with silver and gold, weights more than a ton and is carried out on shoulders on the streets of Lima by the loaders of the "Pachacamilla Christ Brotherhood", and is followed by thousands of people.

Great Taurine Fair. Each Sunday continues the Bullfighting Fair in the "Plaza de Acho", the oldest in America and the second one in the world after bullring of Seville. The best bullfighters come together and compete for the "Golden Scapulary of the Señor de los Milagros", a worthy and prestigious trophy. At the same time there are folk shows of the three regions of the country


·         31 LIMA

National day of the "Canción Criolla" (Native Song). This date is celebrated with native waltzes, polkas, Creole music, marinera, etc. in night clubs and tourist Restaurants, in Lima districts as Barranco, La Victoria, Rimac, Miraflores and Barrios Altos.


·         1st WEEK – PUNO

Jubilee and Tourist Week. Dramatization of the "Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo" Tale, who emerged from the waters of the Titicaca Lake in order to found the Incan Empire. Staging of the Spanish Foundation of Puno City. Historical event, that centered on the wealth of the "Laykakota" gold mine, next to the present location of the city. Departmental student band contest: instrumental and vocalized music. National folk festival with the participation of folk groups of the country south region. Handicraft fair. Other activities: exhibitions, lectures, civic and religious acts, sport competitions.



Chincheros. The Indians from neighboring towns go down the hill to sell their products through "bartering", keeping in this way their Inca customs.

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